Fill The Blank crew as known as FTB is Indonesia based graffiti crew. started circa 2008, founded by RHEIN13 and ROJA, the crew grown big as we know it has 13 other members that spread around Jakarta, Depok, Bogor, Solo, Bali, Houston US, and Liege Belgium. FTB crew is one of the biggest crew in Indonesia with different styles. FTB crew are : RHEIN13 ROJA GTH MIEL88 HARD13 RAS ISAKone BAIKO MAZE CHIKO LOST07 MEAS7 YOUNGEST NOIZ FTB crew is also a member of the Javanese klan called GEMBEL URBAN, unite with other 11 crews from many big cities in Indonesia, and FTB is the one and only crew from Jakarta. As a big crew in town, FTBs are mostly from the east side, we build the foundation for the east side graffiti youngsters called EAST CARTEL. the EAST CARTEL is build to find the potential talent from the east Jakarta, the movement is growing big and going to be bigger as the time goes. Indonesian graffiti scene as we know it is the biggest graffiti scene in asia and we, FTB crew just trying to make this scene bigger and better especially on the east side with EAST CARTEL, so does world graffiti scene knows not only the south Jakarta.